a) Crude Oil Refinery ( 150,000 bpd EURO 5 with UOP Hydrocraker;

The Republic of South Sudan (RSS) is desirous of setting up with advanced technology, of a 150,000 bpd EURO 5 designed Crude Refinery along with a UOP Hydrocraker. Under this capital intensive requirement we need funders to arrange financing for a comprehensive turnkey solution for the development of the project in the Republic Of South Sudan (RSS) to enable us achieve our main objective of owning an independent mega refinery project without involvement of a third party.

b) Central Processing Facilities (CPFs)

There will also be construction of a network of pipelines amounting to over 400 km to carry crude oil from the fields to the CPFs and from there to the refinery . The same network will connect to the export pipeline. The 1st and 2nd fields will produce 40,000 and 20,000 barrels of crude oil a day respectively. The first development field will comprise 11 water injection wells and 20 production wells. The second field is expected to have 401 wells. Of these, 180 will be producer wells, 185 injector wells and 36 observer wells.

c) Oil Export Pipeline

Being a landlocked country we have finalized plans to construct an alternative Oil Export Pipeline away from the current one that transits Mainland Sudan in the north, a transaction adviser is being sought to ascertain which of the two proposed routes is commercially viable;

  • Juba – Djibouti
    Juba to Djibouti has a distance of 1000 km in between and will need to be inter-joined with the Awash- Djibouti pipeline which already covers a stretch of 550 km.
  • Juba-Lamu
    Juba to Lockichar which is through Kenya from South Sudan.